Online Travel Journals – Features to Look For

The advent of online travel diaries and online travel journals has made it possible for travelers to record their journeys from anywhere at anytime. All that is needed is access to the internet, a platform on which to record your information, and a desire to keep up with your travels in diary form. In this article I briefly discuss criteria you should use in choosing the online travel journal provider which best suits your needs.

I have checked out over a dozen online journals and diaries comparing the pros and cons of each and specifically how they related to what I needed for my chronicling of my travels. I have my preferences but this article is about you, so I am providing you with criteria which allow you to evaluate the available travel journals.

There is much overlap in what each one provides. Each generally have a “free” version, and the more comprehensive sites also have an upgraded “fee” version with more features or more storage space. Most individuals can get by with the “free” version. If you find you need more space or more features, you can always upgrade to the “fee” version at a later time.

I have divided my lists of features into two categories: (1) “must-haves” and (2) “bonus features. I consider the first group as indispensable. It a provider does not have all of these features available, I move on to the next provider.

What are some of the “MUSTS-HAVES”?

1. FREE is always good.
2. Service must be ACCESSIBLE by internet from anywhere.
3. The journal must be EASY TO USE. NO CODING SKILLS needed.
4. PHOTO UPLOADS have to be available. Preferably compressed.
5. There should be an option to keep your diary PRIVATE.

Other Bonus Features To Look For. These are features that some providers have and others don’t. You may find that the additional feature will be the deciding factor as to which online journal provider you choose.

1. ROUTE MAPPING of your trip.
2. UNLIMITED photos uploads.
3. UNLIMITED blogging entries
4. MAP of countries visited
5. VIDEO UPLOADS available, preferably unlimited.
6. SEVERAL LANGUAGES availability and support.
7. YOU MAINTAIN COPYRIGHT over all your materials.
8. MOBILE PHONE updates.
9. CONNECT to social sites like FaceBook.
10. EMAIL updates to family and friends

There can be other features as well, but these should give you a good basis on which to decide which online journal is best for you. No endless email repetition! No notebooks to carry around! You do it once, give everyone the URL of your journal and they can follow you to “the ends of the earth”. And, with most of the services that provide these resources, you can also upload endless numbers of photos. What a way to record your travels for posterity!

Lamar Ross is an author, educator, photographer, internet entrepreneur, and international traveler. He has a special interest in training individuals for expatriate living and providing information on unique travel destinations .

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