Specially Supported Employment

Work is crucial to one’s livelihood; it is essential to complete one’s life regardless of race, status, education and aspirations. There are different types of people wanting work in the society but many are not capable of work due to their physical or mental conditions. Hence, supported employment is necessary to train and mentor these individuals who want to work but do not know how.Reasons for SupportMany physically challenged individuals or those with learning disabilities are often sidelined by society and the government. They seemed to be considered and treated as outcast of the society. However, each of these individuals is just like another person regardless of their differences. Being different does not sanction an indifferent attitude towards these individuals. Those who have more should extend their hand of support to these individuals who want to work and be independent. Supported employment to these physically challenged individuals or those with learning disabilities is one of the best ways to build up more productive individuals in the nation to stimulate and stabilize the economy. There would be fewer individuals to feed off the government or tax payers.There are always choices of work that are suitable and appropriate for the physically challenged or individuals with learning disabilities. Physically challenged conditions need not affect the brain functioning. There are many talented physically challenged individuals who are creative and innovative with ideas out of the box; only if they were given the opportunity and guidance.Those with learning disabilities can be productive if they were given the guidance and encouragement. In this era of fast paced technology, those who are slow in learning or performance are often snubbed and looked down upon. However, with a little encouragement and supported employment, these special individuals can bloom and blossom in their identified area of work. It is necessary to educate them and work with them patiently towards success. After all, Rome was not built in a day.Employer SupportSupported employment works only when one is aware of the true situation and be empathetic towards those individuals who are caught in the unkind web of discrimination of society. When society becomes more educated over the needs of physically challenged individuals or those with learning disabilities, it can exercise a bit more compassion towards these communities by extending supported employment where possible.Active crusading for these groups to business owners and corporations to exercise corporate social responsibility, personalisation of care will see more supported employment faster; hence, society can improve its social responsibility and tolerance towards one another by offering the proper opportunities and hand of help to those who need it.

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