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Internet Marketing – 3 Internet Marketing Tips That Will Change Your Life

Ever wonder what separates the truly successful Internet entrepreneur from the rest of the herd? Why is their Google rankings are better than yours? How they make money online? They know the 3 areas to concentrate on when planning their Internet marketing strategy.

But first, what exactly is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing is a process where you let people know about you and your business. Through this process, you acquire (and hopefully keep) clients or patients. Through Internet marketing, you let them know that you understand their position, their hopes and fears. Through Internet marketing, you let them know that you have the answers that they are looking for and the solutions to their problems. Through Internet marketing, you show them why your solutions and answers are better than the other guy’s.

Internet marketing is not your website, it’s not advertising, and it’s not your logo. But all those things are part of Internet marketing and brand building. Here are 3 quick tips to consider when it comes to investing your Internet marketing time.

Internet Marketing Tip #1 – Go Affiliate

This is a great place for those just starting to think about brand building online. You don’t have to have a product of your own to sell. Sell someone else’s product and rake in the bucks from everyone that purchases that product from the link on your site. It’s great because you don’t have to worry about customer-service issues or returns or people who can’t follow instructions. You can custom-build a site that’s basically a billboard for someone else’s product, and when was the last time you heard about a billboard being used so effectively?

Affiliate marketing is a low-cost way to get started making money on the Internet. With so many products available on a place like, see if you can find products that sell well AND that interest you. That way, when you effectively have 3 or 4 selling at the same time, you can create a website built around your interest and offer these products on there as well.

Internet Marketing Tip #2 – Keyword Analysis

The importance of using keyword analysis BEFORE you start writing your articles can not be stressed enough. When you search for keywords using Google or another keyword tool, be sure to use quotes around your search terms so the results only include the exact phrase you’re looking for. For example, if you want to determine the competition on a Blue Car, use quotes or the results will give you all pages that use Blue and Car (like Blue Cross or “riding along under a blue sky in my car…”). Not very helpful.

Write your article around low-competition keyword phrases and watch the hits start to come!

Internet Marketing Tip #3 – Duh…Video

With a nod to every ‘bad boy’ celebrity whose face is plastered all over the national news and home videos, there’s nothing hotter on the Internet than video. Look at YouTube! It’s a pretty popular site (#2 search engine in the world), so popular that back in 2006 Google picked it up for $1.65B. Google loves video and ranks it highly. Be sure to include video on your website or blog when and watch your site move up the rankings.